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Welcome, and thank you for visiting the website, I do hope you find the content interesting and useful. Although I currently undertake psychic readings in Calgary, my psychic career goes back much further than this.

When I was two years old, my family moved from a haunted house in Belfast to another part of the city – I remember playing with the spirit children – my first contact with spirit world.

In my new home I continuously visited spirit world and did so throughout my childhood. This was the beginning of my life long journey into Spiritualism.

At the age of 17, I served in the British Army as a regular soldier in Kenya, where I focused on my duties serving my country. Upon leaving the Army at 21 I integrated myself back into civilian life. It was then I was introduced back into spiritualism through my brother Francis – a Trance Medium.

I was brought into a development circle to qualify as a psychic medium and was taught by a skilled circle of teachers. After years of development I was asked to start taking Church services throughout England. I gained a reputation for accuracy and clarity.

Then at the age of 27 (in the early 1960s) I started a new life in Canada (starting off in B.C. but then moving to Calgary) with my wife and daughter and continued to develop further as a medium through doing services and giving readings.

Over the next 20 years in British Columbia and Calgary, my mediumship grew considerably in stature – psychic readings, church services, developing other psychics, writing etc all formed part of my spiritualist life.

In 1984 my wife Marion and I returned to England from Calgary,this time with our 2 sons. My daughter having returned 2 years previously.

In England my clairvoyance and mediumship was consistently in demand – this time on a much greater scale.

Although I was doing some 60 personal psychic readings a week (and many international) I also served churches, began lecturing, attended psychic fairs, and performed at many events, as well as maintaining my commitment to developing other mediums through development Circles.Another favourite of mine was providing telephone readings for an Australian consumer magazine. Great fun!

My radio credits include Southern Sound (now Heart) – Sussex’s largest radio station. My Thursday evening slot (The Psychic Hour – hosted by Peter Quinn) was hugely popular. I gave readings to listeners who had written in – only their first name was required to make psychic contact. Other radio credits include Armed Forces Radio and the BBC.

I have appeared on television, once with a famous American magician James Randi. Written articles for numerous magazines, and in-turn have had many articles written about my psychic abilities and gifts in various publications.

 I have given private readings to many stars of film, television and radio; one of my favourite bookings was doing readings for Status Quo, a very popular and well known band, at their 25th Anniversary Party.

My family grown up; Marion and I returned to Calgary, Canada – where I continue to offer readings and psychic development.

My readings have been requested, and sent by letter, email and telephone all over the world – including Europe, North America, South America, Australia and Asia.

I normally provide readings through my unique auragraph psychicreadingcalgary– however it is not necessary to always use symbols, I can give direct evidence by just talking to people.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have


Here are a few of the questions I am most commonly asked with their answers. Please do contact me if you have any other questions or would like to know more.

Do we need to meet?

No, we do not have to meet but of course, I welcome face to face readings. Your reading can be provided in person, on the phone, letter, by email and by Skype. Most of my local readings are done face to face.

How do you do readings?

Using my Spirit Guides I will undertake your reading through them. Providing you with direct evidence and an outline of things to come for you. Normally, I provide an Auragraph using my symbols so you have a permanent reminder and drawing to keep and refer back to.

How long have you been a psychic?

I have been a practicing psychic for over 50 years. Having undertaken thousands and thousands of readings and hundreds of Church services. I have completed readings for people all over the World including many celebrities.

Do you do group readings, parties and events?

Yes, most certainly. I can visit your house or venue and undertake readings for your guests and family etc. I’m an experienced platform speaker so if you’d like to hear more about Spiritualism or psychic matters, this is no problem.

Do you train other mediums?

Most definitely, I have decades of experiences training mediums through development circles and am proud to have helped many powerful mediums on their journey.

How do I arrange a reading with you?

Oh, whatever is easiest for you. You can telephone me on 403 938 6718, email me at jamesgarvey@shaw.ca or leave a message via my form on the contact page.