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New video – How I give readings

I'm often asked how I give psychic readings and how that works with the AuraGraph and my symbols - so we produced a short video that explains; hope you find it useful. [video width="1280" height="720"...

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The Gateway Centre

Hello all I've been asked to give messages at The Gateway Centre Spiritualist Society this Sunday. 8th October 2017. I hope to see you there. SUNDAY SERVICES start - 6.00PM Messages: James Garvey Please visit their website...

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What the Symbols mean series: The Car

Todays Symbol: The Car The car is used to show movement.  A person's life pathway can be blocked and the car is used in conjunction with other symbols to indicate the direction of movement required to ease the situation being...

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Wondering about the psychic field?

People often wonder about the psychic field... ...often saying to themselves 'could I be part of it?' and through reading books and asking clairvoyants for a reading, they hope to find or hear that they could become part of it all. The first step is to ask yourself,...

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