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About Spiritualism

Spiritualism isn’t a religion; it is a belief within human beings here on Earth that there exists a spirit form that emanates from another plane, which we call the spirit world. When that form comes to Earth and enters into the human form as a baby and is born, we call it a soul.

Many religions believe that when this soul dies it is gone for ever, only to rise by the superior force which religions call God.

Spiritualism believes that when the soul dies it passes from the human body and departs through a tunnel of colour into our other world, there it is received by loved ones who have passed on before. Spiritualism also embraces that the superior force is also called God.

Spiritualism has a creed, seven in total. The most important being the Fatherhood of God, Brotherhood of Man, the Communion and Ministry of Angels.

Spiritualism believes in higher beings and angels that exist on higher planes than the Earth plane (or World), that they can link up with human beings here. This is done through mediumship.

Where does this fit into spiritualism?

Because the other ‘planes’ have different powers of communicating, they are able to make contact with human beings who have developed the same ability through mediumship.

How is this achieved?

People who are ‘sensitive’ can sit with other people in what is called a Circle, which is controlled by a developed medium of quality and over a period of time, can themselves become a medium and give psychic readings etc.

What I do

I’m a respected and well-known international medium, having appeared on television, radio, in magazines and stage. I provide Psychic readings, am a Clairvoyant, Aura reader and demonstrating platform medium.I undertake Psychometry, Past life regression, Tarot card readings, Psychic seminars and more.
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