About the Aura Colours

Here is a very quick overview of the Aura colours

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About the Aura

aura_color_meaning-e1427836235286The Aura consists of different colours, which can surround the whole body; mainly the Aura colours are around the head in different form shapes. The Aura colour of a person can depict their nature and what they are like.

Aura colours are orange, purple ranging through to lilac; an assortment of  blues; various shades of green; mainly a strong yellow which very rarely changes its strength; browns, similar to yellow in that they rarely change in colour and strength; then there are lighter shades of silver.

What do these colours mean?

  • Orange means strength, determination obstinence, stubbornness and other aspects depending on personality.
  • Purple-lilac indicate a person on an emotional journey.  These colours denote sensitivity.
  • Blues are healing colours, especially turquoise.
  • Greens indicate people who have set minds and strength of character.
  • Yellow  signifies monetary aspects.
  • Brown is a freelance colour. People with this colour tend to travel a lot.
  • Silver is very very spiritual.

This is only given a brief explanation of what the colours mean. During our psychic reading colours can be explained in much more detail.