People often wonder about the psychic field…

…often saying to themselves ‘could I be part of it?’ and through reading books and asking clairvoyants for a reading, they hope to find or hear that they could become part of it all.

The first step is to ask yourself, would it be worthwhile? What do I want from it? What will I give? And where could it take me? Yes, it’s a fact that many people have psychic ability and through being taught by a qualified medium they often find out just how very accomplished they could be or what level they could reach.

You get started by giving time to regular instruction with a qualified medium and participating in a development circle with other like minded people.

People who are interested in becoming a good psychic should acquire knowledge, first and foremost, as to understanding the path to becoming one successfully and there are many avenues to travel to acquire this knowledge.

From my point of view, you should, first of all, find out if you have the ability:

Do you have sensing energy – this is an energy line from Spirit world, directed to you, to encourage you to find out.

You may have dreams; feel that you can sense what is going on in certain people; feel strange and perhaps have an inner understanding you have something different to other people.